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What I Do
Wealth Management and Preservation Solutions For Affluent Professionals

Wisdom Wealth Group is led by founder Bill Curry. His mission is to help his clients maintain their affluence for themselves and their families while minimizing unnecessary risk.

Affluent Individuals

You have accumulated significant wealth and are seeking guidance to preserve and grow your assets.

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Highly Compensated Executives

You require specialized financial strategies to manage your unique compensation packages and optimize your wealth

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You may hail from various fields, such as doctors, lawyers, and entrepreneurs, and are looking for tailored financial solutions that align with your specific needs and goals.

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Small Business Owners

You seek comprehensive financial planning and guidance to navigate the complexities of running a business while protecting your personal wealth.

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<sup>Why Work With Me</sup><br/>About Bill<br/>

Why Work With Me
About Bill

Bill Curry is a wealth management professional, an accredited JD, CLU, ChFC, RFC, and AEP, and a prodigiously innovative and creative problem solver. He has experience working with affluent individuals and their families to preserve and protect what they worked so hard to create.

How I Help

How You Keep It

Keep it through tax planning.
Keep it through risk mitigation.
Keep it through investment planning.
Keep it through insurance planning.
Keep it through qualified retirement plans.
Keep it through timely "bucket" planning.

<sup>How I Do It</sup><br/>Bill&#8217;s Process<br/>

How I Do It
Bill’s Process

Discovery Session 

In this initial step, Bill engages in a meaningful conversation with his clients, asking questions about your family dynamics and your vision for the future. He delves into your aspirations and gains insights into your long-term goals. One of his favorite questions is, "If we were sitting here 5 years from now, what would you like to see have happened from our working together?"

Goal Setting 

Based on the information gathered in the discovery session, Bill works closely with you to determine your specific financial goals. He takes into account your desired outcomes, timeframes, and any unique considerations. By understanding your objectives, you can develop a clear roadmap for your financial success.

Tailored Planning

Bill employs various planning techniques and strategies to align with your goals. He presents different options and alternatives, ensuring that his clients have a thorough understanding of the potential outcomes and implications. Through collaborative discussions and feedback, he refines the planning process until you are satisfied.

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