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Wisdom Wealth Group

In 2017, Wisdom Wealth Group was founded with the vision of providing clients with a financial advisory firm that defies industry norms. Unlike others in the industry, founder Bill Curry challenges the status quo and questions the commonly accepted beliefs perpetuated by insurance marketing professionals and similar sources. Bill is driven by a desire to bring fresh perspectives and critical thinking to the table, leading to innovative solutions that genuinely benefit our clients.

Bill has a proclivity to identify gaps in the industry that spur innovation. During Bill Clinton's presidency, a law was enacted to increase tax rates on trusts. Intrigued by the potential implications, Bill sought answers from experts, only to find their responses unsatisfactory. Determined to find a better solution, he embarked on a personal challenge to attend law school and explore the concept himself.

This transformative moment epitomizes Bill's unwavering dedication to critical thinking and his refusal to accept limitations. Bill's passion for challenging the status quo has resulted in him delivering innovative solutions to preserve their affluence amidst an ever-changing financial landscape that genuinely prioritizes his clients' best interests. 

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